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Personal Alarm, Self Defense Keychain is for the security issue around you. You can simply pull the chain to turn on the alarm and off when you push back in. You can also use the LED light when you need.

  • 130DB SUPER ALARM - Scare attacker away. Easily draw attention to such a super alarm even in a far distance. Best choices for single women walking in dangerous situation, no need to cry for help.
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT- for illuminating a dark area, find a keyhole or provide light with push of a button.
  • EASY TO USE - Pull the pin out to activate the alarm and insert it back to stop it. EASY TO GRAB - Our Safesound Protection key alarm is perfect size and shape to carry
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Ideal for children, students, women, joggers, kids, elders, person, and any other ones who need Self-Defense. Suitable for night running, traveling abroad, hiking, camping, riding, entertaining and other outdoor activities.
  • The self-defense alarm keychain is mini-sized and portable, can be attached on backpack, ladies bag, belt loops, schoolbag, suitcases, purse, devices, chains, bags
DELIVERY TIME: USA address only, 1~2 weeks
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